Malik Curry

Malik‘s interest in fitness started early when he joined his local youth football league. He continued to explore sports and in high school was part of the football, lacrosse and track and field teams. After high school, Malik played college football in Massachusetts. Before graduating, he enlisted in the army and served two tours in Afghanistan. In addition to maintaining his physical training with the army, Malik‘s love for football brought him overseas to play professionally for the German Football League. While there, he began to see the opportunities of turning his passion and skill set into a lifelong career as he worked at a performance enhancement facility training other athletes. He is currently studying for his BS in Exercise Science and is a Certified Personal Trainer (AAAI) and NASE Certified Speed Specialist. Malik believes fitness is a lifelong commitment and that it’s never too late to begin. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, traveling and schooling his friends in Jeopardy. Try to stump him in between classes!


  • NASE Certified Speed Specialist
  • AAAI Certified Personal Trainer
  • Currently pursuing a BS in Exercise Science