Nutrition is the key for weight loss, building muscle, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We work with you to design a program that fits with your needs, preferences, time restraints, dietary limitations, and keep it reasonable.  We believe in a good balance between health and enjoying life. Get on an easy path to success!

Ongoing nutrition consultation.  $100/month for 3 months (minimum).  Your initial consultation will leave you understanding what macros and meal plans are correct for your activity levels and goals.  Each week your trainer will provide suggested meal plans, changes in your diet, workout plans, and listen to feedback on how your weekly plan went.  Your trainer will essentially be a weekly life coach to help guide you to change your habits in order to meet your desired goals and needs.  A service you definitely won’t regret having!!

Program Benefits Include…

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack Ideas and Recipes
  • Beverage Evaluation
  • Improving Your Gut Health
  • Increasing Your Vegetable Intake
  • Calcium, Fiber and Protein Requirements
  • Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth More Healthfully
  • Making Better Choices When Eating Out
  • Evening Snacking
  • Portion Control
  • Getting Unstuck With Your Weight Loss
  • Healthy Travel Tips